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The ementaverse is a skateboarding film that in addition to tricks aims to show a little of what is Ementa, its universe and what each of us contributes to its development.
The title is also inspired by metaverse, a consequence of the fact that in this film we want to approach the issue of artificial intelligence and virtual life as a dependency.  Imagine a future where we are just a login and a password and in which skateboarding can save lives, some of what we already see happening in today's times.
For us it is through Ementa that we are happier. We hope that in the film you notice all the commitment and work but also all the friendship and happiness that skateboarding has brought us and continues to bring.
We worked hard for this film and we thank everyone who helped us in some way for its creation.
We hope you enjoy, as much as we did when making it.
                                                    Ementa Team 
After several years of recordings and failed attempts, we didn't give up and create our first great film.

As we were a few years without making a release of the brand video, this had to be a great event, the film was thought and imagined for years and we wanted to have an impactful return.

In this  film not only the official members of the brand w, but also other friends, because the brand moves by friendship.

This film was all conceived and directed by our filmmaker and member of the brand, Emidio Silva.
Link for the Film:
EmentaVerse - YouTube

                                      Emidio Silva the Film Director




                                             Ementaverse Ticket


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