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Our group of friends got together and decided on the best picks for this Christmas.

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Baby Ring GoldBaby Ring Gold
Baby Ring Gold Sale Price$133.00
Baby Chess Vest Green/CamelBaby Chess Vest Green/Camel
Baby Chess Vest Green/Camel Sale Price$133.00
Baby Socks Off White/CamelBaby Socks Off White/Camel
Lils West Baby Vest GreenLils West Baby Vest Green
Lils West Baby Vest Green Sale Price$89.00
Fluffy Baby Napa Bag Taupe
Baby Stamp Embossed Hoodie Off White/GreenBaby Stamp Embossed Hoodie Off White/Green
Baby Beanie Camel
Baby Beanie Camel Sale Price$34.00
Oreo Polar Hafl Zip Sweat Off WhiteOreo Polar Hafl Zip Sweat Off White
Signature Velvet Cap GreenSignature Velvet Cap Green
Kit Baby Corduroy Pants GreenKit Baby Corduroy Pants Green
Chess Socks Petrol/OrangeChess Socks Petrol/Orange
Chess Socks Petrol/Orange Sale Price$14.00
Navegante Signature Corduroy Bag Off White/CamelNavegante Signature Corduroy Bag Off White/Camel
Baby Chess Vest Black/CamelBaby Chess Vest Black/Camel
Baby Chess Vest Black/Camel Sale Price$133.00
Lils West Baby Vest CamelLils West Baby Vest Camel
Lils West Baby Vest Camel Sale Price$89.00
Kit Baby Corduroy Pants CamelKit Baby Corduroy Pants Camel
C'mon Patch Corduroy Tote Bag GreenC'mon Patch Corduroy Tote Bag Green
Lils West Baby Vest Black ChessLils West Baby Vest Black Chess
Signature Beanie White
Signature Beanie White Sale Price$34.00
Lils West Baby Vest Navy FloralLils West Baby Vest Navy Floral
Big Baby Crew Black/GoldBig Baby Crew Black/Gold
Big Baby Crew Black/Gold Sale Price$94.00
Lils West Baby Vest Off White DiamondsLils West Baby Vest Off White Diamonds
Baby Vest BlackBaby Vest Black
Baby Vest Black Sale Price$89.00
Baby Corduroy Tote Bag Off WhiteBaby Corduroy Tote Bag Off White
Baby 6 Panel Corduroy Cap BlackBaby 6 Panel Corduroy Cap Black
Frei Baby Corduroy Bag WhiteFrei Baby Corduroy Bag White