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 A friend of ours made us a proposal... to skate a car. So we did it. 

First, we had to find the car, one of our friends had an old one, and it wouldn't last much longer, so we managed to convince him this would be the perfect ending for an old Fiat Punto.
The name of the campaign came from an artist, another friend of ours, named André Costa. From his pieces, we made drawings in the car where you could only read them through certain perspectives.


Next: Building the ramps.

Real challenge? Stopping everyone from skating the ramps before the paint was dry. The thrill was just too high.

We made an awesome video and premiered it by throwing a party with a few surprises, cash for tricks, and at the end offering everyone there, the chance to skate a car.
It was a great day.




All great events, achievements and discoveries, they all began with a dream! Over the years, we have stopped dreaming. For many reasons. Everyone reading this will have their own. We want to awaken the courage to dream. Because we believe that the dream becomes reality through a strategy. This campaign/video illustrates very well how this works in practice. Don't be afraid to dream and think big!

Thanks to:
Fotos: Surge Skateboard Magazine, ONSK8
Coruja Superbock










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