Everything started as any Skate crew. Skating together in the streets of Lisbon since 2006 and all we did was videos, skate trips, going to skate contests in a van, and started to get known in Portugal. We named ourselves EMENTA SB.



Ementa SB Crew



Our “slogan” or what we are based on is “Motivated by Friendship” because we believe that if we create our product with love and friendship everything will turn out to be much better. We want others to feel the same energy and wear our products not only because of the way it looks but because of our statement. Friendship is what skateboarding is all about.






We create bounds of friendship through common passion.
Throughout the time we realised that these bounds have no limits… They last forever and we are motivated to give our best.
We decides to create our Portuguese brand in 2007, because greatness is not on size, but on the willpower we do things.
For this perfect fusion to be obtained, we strive to add quality and art together.
We are delighted with our product and we felt the need to share it.



On this 12 years journey not everything went so well at first, because we had no experience and we owed a lot of money to the bank at that time.



We never give up, we studied, we bet on the quality of our products and we work hard for this dream. In 2022 we opened our store in Lx Factory and in 2023 we opened the second one in Cais do Sodré, Rua da Boavista.



Each product is carefully thought out, many of them a reflection of the work of our artists. Our accessories are designed to adapt to everyday urban life. And our materials are manufactured to be as resistant as possible.