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Ementa was created in Lisbon back in 2007 with a group of good friends that soon became a skate crew.

The goal was to have fun all together, making our dreams happen and create something that mattered, something that would make others feel the energy of being “MOVED BY FRIENDSHIP”.

This love and motivation generated more than just a brand, created a movement, something that became our new skate culture and that’s a reflection of our passion and hard work.

That passion is what brings all these like-minded individuals here. Passion for the friendship. Passion for the outdoor lifestyle. Passion for the skate culture. That’s what makes you an Ementa person. Always imagining how to provide a new way for people to move forward with authenticity.

It is important for us that we anchor you to the beginning to highlight the people who helped to build this brand in the most pure and authentic way – that is why we enhance our legendary baby logo.

We create, build concepts and ideations, and always try to bring them to life.


The Ementaverse is a skateboarding film that aims to show how our unique universe works.
A film full of skate tricks, funny clips, and friendship memories.
The title is also inspired by metaverse as we wanted to approach the topic of artificial intelligence and virtual life as a dependency. Imagine a future where we are just a login and a password and skateboarding can save lives.
Ementa makes us happy and we hope that in the film you can see all the blood and tears as well as the happiness and friendship skateboarding has given us.
We worked hard to make this happen and want to thank everyone who was a part of it.
This film was entirely conceived and directed by our filmmaker and team member Emídio Silva. 

Ementa SB

A friend of ours made us a proposal... to skate a car. So we did it. 
First, we had to find the car, one of our friends had an old one, and it wouldn't last much longer, so we managed to convince him this would be the perfect ending for an old Fiat Punto.
The name of the campaign came from an artist, another friend of ours, named André Costa. From his pieces, we made drawings in the car where you could only read them through certain perspectives.
Next: Building the ramps.
Real challenge? Stopping everyone from skating the ramps before the paint was dry. The thrill was just too high.
We made an awesome video and premiered it by throwing a party with a few surprises, cash for tricks, and at the end offering everyone there, the chance to skate a car.
It was a great day.
Don't be afraid to dream, think big and make it happen!

A Thousand Words


Modern Ruins

The Modern Ruins Campaign explores the ability skateboarding has to transform 21st-century ruins into urban art pieces.

We worked together with Thrash Artists on this theme, to find a new sense of modern architecture.

With a series of urban installations, events, and exhibitions, we made skateboarding and art go together like beer and pretzels.