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Ementa was created in Lisbon back in 2007 with a group of good friends that soon became a skate crew.

The goal was to have fun all together, making our dreams happen and create something that mattered, something that would make others feel the energy of being “MOVED BY FRIENDSHIP”.

This love and motivation generated more than just a brand, created a movement, something that became our new skate culture and that’s a reflection of our passion and hard work.

That passion is what brings all these like-minded individuals here. Passion for the friendship. Passion for the outdoor lifestyle. Passion for the skate culture. That’s what makes you an Ementa person. Always imagining how to provide a new way for people to move forward with authenticity.

It is important for us that we anchor you to the beginning to highlight the people who helped to build this brand in the most pure and authentic way – that is why we enhance our legendary baby logo.

We create, build concepts and ideations, and always try to bring them to life.


Moder Ruins Campaign Ementa SB

Modern Ruins

The Modern Ruins Campaign explores the ability of skateboardingto transform the ruins of the XXI century in total pieces of urban art.   Ementa SB works together with its Thrash Artists on this th...

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Ementaverse Movie | Ementa SB


The ementaverse is a skateboarding film that in addition to the tricks, aims to show a little of what is Ementa, its universe and what each of us contributes to its development.   

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Pictograma Ementa SB


 A friend of ours made us a proposal... to skate a car. So we did it.  First, we had to find the car, one of our friends had an old one, and it wouldn't last much longer, so we managed to convin...

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